KBGAA Wall of Honor

Krista Perine, NAA Chair (2011-2012), NAA Secretary (2012-2013), Big Sister of the Year 2013


Rachel Peters, NAA Chair (2012-2013), NAA Secretary in 2011-2012


“I became a part of the Alumnae Association        because I wanted to help build a strong network of alumnae, and to help KBG sisters remain connected past graduation. The Kappa Beta Gamma family is a network of strong women  leaders that stretches across North America — tied together by common values, shared traditions, and the bond of sisterhood — and I   wanted to help formalize that network. As women    in today’s world, we should be able to reach out to each other — for professional leverage, for guidance, for social support, for laughs, for hugs, and for whatever else we need! Together, we can accomplish so much more than any of us can alone.”

Katie Minaghan, NAA Vice Chair (2012)

Jessica Marricone, NAA Vice Chair (2012-2013)


Lacy Dickel, NAA Chair (2013-2014), Big Sister of the Year 2012

LacyDickel Joining Kappa Beta Gamma as an undergraduate woman was  one of the best decisions of my life. When I graduated I didn’t want to loose what I had gained from being in the sisterhood so I sought out any opportunities I could to give back to my sorority. I became a National board member which also connected me to alumnae in addition to the active members. I was able to be a mentor to the collegiate actives and learn many new traditions and “Kappaisms” from the alumnae women I met. The Alumnae Association has provided me with so many opportunities to further my experience with Kappa Beta Gamma and I am proud to give back to the KBGAA to support their endeavors to provide a connection to the sorority after college.

Katie Alvey, NAA Vice Chair (2013-2014)

Hilary Renner, NAA Treasurer (2013-2014), Big Sister of the Year 2014

Dallas Halldorson, Big Sister of the Year 2015

Becky Hass, KBGAA Vice-President (2014-2016)

Jae Allain, KBGAA Secretary (2014-2016)